Ben & Jerry’s: We Support Reparations

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The beloved ice cream company, Ben & Jerry’s, has declared that they are in support of reparations for African Americans.

The company announced on their Twitter account that “[i]t’s time for reparations.” They are referring to the H.R. 40 proposal that was discussed in Congress this past week.

H.R. 40 is a proposal to begin giving out reparations to the African American community.

CEO of Ben & Jerry’s, Matthew McCarthy, has made a statement regarding his support of this proposal.

“As business leaders, we have a special opportunity and responsibility to be heard because our collective voice is powerful,” he said. He also claimed that, “the American economy, and by extension our companies, have reaped financial reward and prosperity built on 250 years of enslaving Black bodies.”

McCarthy believes that passing H.R. 40 is the only form of atonement for slavery.

He concludes his statement by saying, “I call on other CEOs and business leaders to use our unique power and privilege to help our nation begin to heal.”

It begs the question, what should businesses do to help the nation “heal” from slavery?

Nationally syndicated radio host, Todd Starnes, said on his show, “I’m so happy to hear that Ben & Jerrys is going to provide free ice cream to Black Americans. They are such generous men.”

“They owe their success to white privilege and the only proper recourse is to provide reparations in the form of free ice cream” said Starnes.

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