Delta Flying Illegals Across America on the Taxpayer Dime

There is growing outrage on social media over Delta Airlines.

Ashley St. Clair, of the Babylon Bee, was on a flight from Phoenix that was filled with illegal aliens. An entire flight being shipped from processing centers.

When Ms. St. Clair began asking questions – Delta sent a representative to follow her around the airport.

“My flight from Phoenix appears to be flying migrants who crossed the border and are being shipped to New York,” she wrote on X. “When I asked a Delta representative if this was the case, his response was ‘What does it matter, they’re humans too.’ What is happening????”

This is absolutely unacceptable.

“I hope more people boycott Delta and any other airline complicit in transporting illegal migrants from border states to be dropped off in cities around America,” she wrote on X. “We have more power as capitalist consumers than we do at the ballot box in many ways.”

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I fly Delta Airlines exclusively. I’ve been a big fan for years. And that’s why this story is especially troubling to me.

I’m a Diamond Medallion member and I’m also a member of the Million Mile Club. And I’d like to know why Delta is colluding with the federal government to assist with the planned invasion of our nation. Were our tax dollars used to purchase their tickets?

And I’d also like to know how illegal aliens without any legal form of identification were able to board jetliners while American citizens are being manhandled by TSA.

Should we use the U.S. military to completely shut down the border?

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