Google UK: Stop Saying ‘Man Hours’ and ‘Blacklist’

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Hey, you guys! Here’s a story that’s sure to make you crazy, bonkers mad.

Google just banned those words from its company style guide.

The British version of Google announced to workers it has banned you guys, man hours, whitelist, black hole, and blacklist.

“These recommendations are not new, they’re from years ago and are part of an industry-wide move to introduce more inclusive language into coding languages. The guidance assists software developers in making code consistent with industry norms and removes old language that had crept into software code like master-salve, and phrases that exclude women,” Google said in a statement to Fox News.

Google also urged staffers to refrain from calling colleagues chubby, crazy, bonkers or mad. Dummy variable has also been put on the no-no list.

And instead of putting in man hours – workers have been told to put in person hours.

Google says it’s about not triggering your snowflake colleagues.

“When referring to a group of people, use non-gendered language such as everyone or folks,” the memo reportedly stated.

But Nigel Mills – a conservative member of Parliament says it’s just woke nonsense. And wonders why we should be ditching phrases or words because some snowflake might get triggered.

“I don’t know where people find the time to come up with this sort of thing. Who cares? We should not be ditching phrases and words used for a generation just because some snowflakes might get impacted,” he told the Daily Mail.

And even some Google workers say it was outrageous to think you couldn’t call out a chubby co-worker who just scarfed down the last jelly donut in the break room.

“We’re much too busy to be worried about whether some totally harmless phrase that’s been used for years might upset someone, somewhere,” the employee told The Sun.

It’s enough to drive you bonkers mad – even you folks on the dummy variable.

Should corporations ban words that might offend employees?

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