In-N-Out Raising Prices Due to California’s $20 Minimum Wage

These are beefy prices.

Following Democrat Gavin Newsom’s increased minimum wage bill signed last fall, In-N-Out customers in California are now paying higher prices for the restaurant’s famous Double-Double meal and other menu items, according to KABC-TV in Los Angeles.

The burger combo with fries and a beverage “now costs more than $10 … the higher price due to the state’s new $20 minimum wage for fast food workers,” the outlet (ABC7) noted, adding that sales tax in LA County is 9.5%, hiking the total cost of a Double-Double meal to $11.44.

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As depicted by Fox Business, prices for a variety of In-N-Out items were several dollars lower just a couple of years ago,

Lynsi Snyder, president of the family-owned burger chain, said she went toe-to-toe against other leaders in an attempt to keep costs as low as possible during inflation and after Newsom’s mandatory wage hike which went into effect in April of this year, the New York Post outlined.

In addition to consumers paying more for In-N-Out meals, Breitbart noted an impact on jobs in the restaurant industry as a whole.

“Approximately 10,000 jobs have reportedly been slashed at California fast food eateries after the minimum wage was hiked,” the outlet said, citing data from Fox and the California Business and Industrial Alliance.

The economic situation has caused many customers (78% nationwide) to consider greasy fast food as a “luxury” purchase, a LendingTree study found.

“Yet again, Newsom’s Marxist policies are running California into the ground,” said conservative radio host Todd Starnes. “The out-of-touch liberal governor is forcing hard working Americans in the Golden State to foot the bill for his far-left agenda.”

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