NYC Tree Huggers Declare War on Mister Softee

The tree huggers have declared war on Mister Softee.

“Ice cream trucks should spread joy and sweet summer vibes — not noise and air pollution,” Brooklyn community leader Lara Birnback told the Brooklyn Paper.

Ice cream truck owners across New York City are calling out a proposed law that would force them to adopt eco-friendly power sources.

But critics say it would have a devastating impact on their bottom line.

Brooklyn City Councilman Lincoln Restler wants to force trucks to ditch gas-powered generators and replace them with solar powered machines.


“Our office gets hundreds of calls about ice cream truck noise, and while they’re famous for their music, it’s the gas powered generators that most concern residents,” Restler said in a statement. “We have the technology at our disposal to electrify our ice cream trucks, and our three year timeline gives business owners enough time to make the responsible transition. I’m excited to see how they can serve as a model for electrifying mobile food truck vendors.”

In June the city’s Department of Environmental Protection drafted rules that would force pizzerias with coal and wood fired ovens to cut carbon emissions by 75 percent.

This after New York became the first state to ban natural gas connections in new buildings – bringing the Empire State one step closer to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s green new deal utopia. No hamburgers. No gas. No jetliners.

Just hot, joyless summer days without soft-serve ice cream. Click here to join Todd’s private Facebook group for Christians and Conservatives.

“He should get rid of the illegal vendors on Fulton Street, get rid of the vendor in front of the courthouse on Court street who puts his trash out for the parks dept to pick up….he should stop blowing ‘smoke’ and get a real job and off the taxpayers dole,” one angry ice cream lover wrote in a letter to the editor.

“Seriously, how do we elect people like this,” another wrote. “Councilman Restler should go get a real job and stop trying to impede Mister Softee,” wrote one New Yorker.

If New York City wants to ban Mister Softee – they’re going to heading down a very rocky road.

Should NYC ban Mister Softee ice cream trucks?

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