70-Ton ‘Racist’ Boulder removed from University of Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin spent as much as $50,000 to remove a beloved 70-ton boulder because students said it was racist.

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The University of Wisconsin spent as much as $50,000 to remove a beloved 70-ton boulder because students said it was racist.

I wish this was a Babylon Bee story, but it is not. The University of Wisconsin is run by morons.

It was a monument in honour of Thomas Chamberlin, a geologist who served as president of the university from 1887 to 1892. The Chamberlin Rock had been planted on Observatory Hill since 1925.

According to local news reports, the rock had previously been referenced by a derogatory nickname for any large dark rock some 85 years ago.

University historians have not found any other time that the term was used, but they said the Ku Klux Klan was active on campus at that time, the Wisconsin State Journal reported.

The Black Student Union became emotionally triggered by the giant rock and led the charge to have it removed from the campus.

“I’m grateful that we have had the opportunity to do this and that the rock will be removed,” the group’s president, Nalah McWhorter, said. “It was our demand, and it was something that we put all the work in for.”

Using that flawed logic, every building on campus that was erected before the 21st century should be razed.

Student Juliana Bennett told ABC News that removing the rock signaled a small step toward a more inclusive campus.

“This moment is about the students, past and present, that relentlessly advocated for the removal of this racist monument,” she actually said with a straight face. “Now is a moment for all of us BIPOC students to breathe a sigh of relief, to be proud of our endurance, and to begin healing.”

University leaders praised the emotionally troubled students who were triggered by the giant rock.

“In the midst of demands for justice following George Floyd’s murder last summer, the students wanted change on campus, and they worked hard to see this through,” vice chancellor for student affairs Lori Ressor told reporters. “While the decision required compromise, I’m proud of the student leaders and the collaboration it took to get here.”

Those poor, wretched souls at the University of Wisconsin! Oh the horrors and mental anguish they must have suffered by walking by that boulder. It should’ve been smashed to smithereens and dumped in a river, but it was only moved to university-owned property.

In 2019 I wrote a book that introduced the nation to the “cancel culture” movement. I warned Americans that we were facing dark days of censorship. Books would be banned, paintings would be burned, monuments would be turned into piles of rubble.

Sadly, the events I predicted in “Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation” have come true. I would encourage you to click here and read my book.

Sadly, alumni and students at the University of Wisconsin learned a very important lesson – never take your freedom for “granite.”

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