Adult Male Dancer Invites Kids to Follow Provocative Instagram Page: Parent

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Why would a public school invite an adult male dancer to wiggle his hindquarters in front of teenagers?

That’s what parents at Freedom High School in Loudoun County, Virginia are wondering. 

The man invited the impressionable teens to fall him on Instagram — where he posted some very inappropriate photos. Very inappropriate. 

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The school district says the dancer was there to talk about bullying. They say he did nothing in appropriate during his routine. 

The district said they did not vet the man’s social media pages before the booking. 

One parent told ABC News that she was stunned that nobody bothered to check out the guy’s Instagram page. 

Then again, this is the same school district that’s been embroiled in a raging controversy over transgender issues. 

Seems like they could’ve found somebody to talk about bullying who wears pants. 

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