Air Force Academy Provides “Safe Space” for Cadets

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The U.S. Air Force Academy is excited about the opening of a “safe space” for cadets.

The “Diversity and Inclusion Reading Room” opened inside the Academy’s library this semester.

Yes, good readers – the greatest fighting force on the planet has to provide safe spaces for cadets who might get triggered.

Their mission is to “open and advance discussions about diversity, racism and respect for all.”

Mark Jensen, president of the Academy’s faculty senate and a philosophy professor, said the reading room is the result of teamwork between faculty members and the Academy’s ongoing Critical Conversation series that formed in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

“People kept mentioning books in those conversations,” Jensen said.  “There’s hundreds of books that ought to be available.”

Jensen said it’s a welcome addition to the Academy’s stance for tolerance, diversity and respect for all.     

“We need to foster an understanding about the challenges of diversity, racism and injustice, promote a wide-range of perspectives and be respectful of people we agree and disagree with,” he said.  

How about providing a room where cadets learn how to defend our skies, shoot down enemy planes and drop bombs on the bad guys?