Alabama Middle Schoolers Asked About Sexual Orientation, Parent’s Political Beliefs

An Alabama middle school is embroiled in a controversial lesson that is more aligned with California than the Bible Belt.

An Alabama middle school is embroiled in a controversial lesson that is more aligned with California than the Bible Belt.

Seventh graders at Challenger Middle School were given a 48-question survey that quizzed students on their gender, sexual identity and whether they had considered “extreme body modification.”


The students were also told to disclose the political beliefs of their parents. This should not be surprising to anyone who’s read by latest book, “Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation.”

Our public school classrooms have been turned into radical indoctrination centers for the LGBT activists and progressives. Click here to read my book.

The mother of one student discovered the survey in her daughter’s lessons.

Can taxpayer-funded schools be saved from the radicals?

“I asked my daughter, ‘Where did you get this question from?’ and she said, ‘I had a survey today in my civics class, and that was one of the last questions that was given to me on the career survey,'” one parent, who wished to remain anonymous, told television station WAAY 31.

The parent who spoke with WAAY 31 said she feels targeted for being conservative.

“The very last question was, ‘Are your parents liberal or progressive in their political thought?’ and the only answer was ‘yes,’ ‘no’ or ‘neutral,’ which I feel is very inappropriate to ask a child, and it only asked for liberals, and it is definitely targeting conservative parents,” she said. 

She told the television station she’s worried about how the incident will affect her child.

“It makes me very nervous, because I feel like she might be singled out and she might be bullied, especially if she says something, because the teacher might be just trying to push some agenda,” said the parent.

The original story was exposed by the website 1819News.com.

According to a parent who wished to remain anonymous, the questionnaire included questions asking if the student identified as cisgender, transgender or nonbinary.

It also included questions asking if students would be willing to undergo “extreme body modification,” as well as questions inquiring into the political leanings of the student’s family members.

“My daughter, when we started to discuss it, I got the feeling that she didn’t want to do it, but she felt like she had to because she told me, ‘It’s part of our lesson, and I didn’t want to fail,’” the parent said.

The parent told 1819 News they made a public social media post to garner support from other parents because of past experience with sluggish response times from the administrators.

“I was happy to see that I wasn’t the only parent that was outraged,” the parent continued. “However, it did make me mad that I was the only parent that knew about this survey. I am friends with another parent in that classroom, and she told me she had no idea about this survey, her child did not talk to her about it, and she didn’t check the iPad to look at the assignments that the kids were doing.”

1819 News

Alabama School District Apologizes

The school district apologized and said the survey was not part of any approved curriculum and was not vetted by district leadership.

“This afternoon, I learned that a survey had been used in your students’ class,’” Challenger Middle School Principal Bo Coln said in an email to the parents. “Unfortunately, the survey was not vetted or approved by our school leadership or the District’s leadership.”

“The content of the survey was not consistent with the District’s standards for middle school students. Additionally, at the end of the survey, some students received optional demographic questions that were not appropriate for school use. I have asked that your teacher remove this survey.”

An inconvenience? This isn’t a case of sending the wrong date for the PTO meeting. This was an attempt by a school teacher to collect intelligence on the political affiliations of moms and dads.

Not only should the survey been given the heave-ho, but so should the teacher. That person has no business being inside a taxpayer funded classroom.


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