Alabama Students Raise Money to Buy Janitor a New Truck

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More often than not the newspapers are filled with stories about teenagers behaving badly. But today – I want to tell you about some teenagers who are doing something good.

Sam Hice and Preston Reed are sophomores at Jasper High School in Alabama.

In honor of National Custodial Worker’s Day – they decided to do honor their school custodian – Travis Kennedy – the man they call Travis the Janitor.

The boys decided to buy Travis a brand new pickup truck. So they launched a GoFundMe page with a $10 donation.

“‘Travis the Janitor’ is an honest, hardworking man who deserves much more than just a new truck, but this is a start,” the page stated.

Like the story of the loaves and fishes – that $10 donation has grown to more than $18,000. Most of the donations came from students at the school.

Sam and Preston say they look up to Travis the Janitor as a role model – a man of humility a Christian man.

“I try to do the very best I can every day to make things better for the kids or whatever. I try to make sure they got what they need,” Travis told CBS 42.

Click here to help the kids at Jasper High School buy Travis the Janitor a new truck!