American Idol Star Triggers Secularists Over Speech Delivered at School Assembly

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American Idol star Scott MacIntyre knows a thing or two about overcoming adversity. He was the first visually impaired finalist on the hit television series. He’s also survived two kidney transplant surgeries.

Through it all, the classically trained Christian music star has given God all the honor and glory.

And when he’s not performing on tour with some of the biggest names in Christian music, MacIntyre is sharing that message in public and private schools around the nation.

But MacIntyre’s inspirational message has caused a firestorm of controversy in Goodyear, Arizona.

He had been invited by the student council to deliver a speech to the entire student body at Millennium High School. Afterwards, students received a copy of the “Student Life Reference Manual.” The book included the New Testament, Psalms, Proverbs, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

The Secular Arizona Alliance said the program and the book were violations of the U.S. Constitution.

“Schools absolutely cannot proselytize. They cannot,” said attorney Dianne Post. “That is a violation of the First Amendment and for 50 years the Supreme Court has said, ‘no you cannot do this’.”

The school district said they had nothing to do with the selection of the speaker but nevertheless offered an apology to anyone who might have been offended.

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“We sincerely apologize for any discomfort or concern that this incident may have caused,” Principal Nichole Bundy wrote in a letter to parents. “We take this matter seriously and will be reviewing our guest speaker selection and screening processes to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.”

I’d be curious to know what offended the secularists more – the New Testament or the Declaration of Independence?

Regardless, there’s no constitutional violation here. MacIntyre was a guest of the student council, not the principal or the faculty.

Although, had they invited drag queens I’m certain the perpetually offended secularists would have turned a blind eye.

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