Anti-Semitic 5th-Grade Lesson Plan Looks Like Hamas Propaganda

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An anti-Semitic 5th-grade lesson plan in Washington state compared the treatment of Native Americans to Palestinians and their return to “sacred homelands” from “Israeli dominance,” KTTH reports.

The lesson, which conservative radio host Jason Rantz compared to propaganda from terrorist organization Hamas, has been up for at least a decade.

But after the Jason Rantz Show questioned the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), state officials immediately edited it out.

The plan, titled “Independence: Revolution and U.S. Constitution in Indian Country,” encourages teachers to “compare the similarities between the struggles for Independence of the Indian Nations, the U.S. Colonies, and (if the teacher chooses) another contemporary struggle, such as the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.”

Teachers are told to ask: “Why do the Palestinians want to be free from Israeli dominance? Have their sacred homelands returned to them?”

Rantz slammed the “outrageous” comparison, calling it a “fringe, left-wing, anti-Semitic narrative that pretends Israel commits genocide against Palestinians while seeking to erase Jewish history.”

OSPI Superintendent Chris Reykdal told KTTH it was “completely inappropriate,” explaining their decision to take it down.

“This is one of those places where I think two people like you and I who don’t always see the world similarly, certainly see the devastating effects of anti-Semitism. And it comes in extreme forms like a tragic shooting in Seattle, but it comes in smaller forms too, like the implicit bias of a lesson plan that somebody might have thought 10 years ago was innocent,” Reykdal told Rantz.


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