Biden Admin Investigates Mormon School’s Ban on LGBT Dating

The Biden Administration has declared war on the Mormons.

The U.S. Department of Education is investigating Brigham Young University’s policies regarding LGBTQ students and whether they are covered by Title IX exemptions.

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Gay students are not permitted to date, according to the university’s honor code. Gay students caught holding hands or kissing could be punished.

“Neither the complaint nor OCR’s letter identifies any provision or specific requirement under Title IX that BYU is allegedly violating,” BYU President Kevin Worthen wrote in a response in November.

Such an investigation is extremely rare when it comes to religious schools, the Fox television affiliate in Salt Lake City reported.

“It’s really significant that investigators are stepping in now,” said Michael Austin, a BYU alumnus and vice president at the University of Evansville, a private Methodist school in Indiana. “It means there’s some reason to think the university has gone beyond the religious exemptions it has and is discriminating even beyond those.”

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A BYU spokeswoman said the school expects the OCR to uphold those exemptions, which first were provided to the university by the federal government 45 years ago.

“Given BYU’s religious exemption, BYU does not anticipate any further action by OCR on this complaint. BYU is exempt from application of Title IX rules that conflict with the religious tenets of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. OCR has repeatedly recognized BYU’s religious exemption, including in connection with this case.”

Worthen said LGBTQ students are welcome to attend Brigham Young provided they follow the honor code that other students must follow.

“BYU affirms that the freedom of religion guaranteed by the Constitution and federal law includes the freedom to operate a religious university without sacrificing distinctive religious beliefs or practices,” Worthen told Deseret News. “At the same time, BYU welcomes and supports all our students and employees who agree to abide by the tenets of the Church of Jesus Christ, including those who identify as LGBTQ.”

The solution is straight-forward. If you attend a Baptist college, you must abide by their religious beliefs. If you attend a Catholic college, you must abide by their religious beliefs. And if you attend a Mormon school, you must obey their rules and regulations.

If LGBT students knowingly agreed to attend a school that forbids LGBT relationships, that’s on the student, not the university.

Perhaps the LGBT activists would be more comfortable on a public university campus where morality and personal pronouns are disregarded as ancient relics of the past?

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