Biden Doesn’t Want Schools to Open Until May 2021 -Just in Time For Summer Break

Former Vice President Joe Biden is already laying out plans for his pending presidential term. With coronavirus pandemic restrictions still wreaking havoc, Biden wants to implement 100 days to get the coronavirus under control. One of his “solutions” is to keep children locked up in their homes doing school, which potentially will have many negative long-term effects.

He spoke with some state governors virtually:

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Folks on Twitter had a lot to say about Biden’s request:

The effects of the coronavirus pandemic have been negatively felt by many students across the country. An article by The Associated Press talks about many of the issues students are facing and how much they’re falling behind.

“The Renaissance Learning analysis looked at results from 5 million students in grades 1-8 who took Star Early Literacy reading or math assessments in fall 2019 and 2020,” the article reports. “It found students of all grades were performing below expectations in math at the beginning of the school year, with some grades 12 or more weeks behind.”

This generation is at stake, and it’s imperative kids get back into the classroom before they fall so far behind that they will never be able to catch up.