Big Tech Bans Conservative Author’s Book over “Sensitive” Content

I have some mighty disappointing news to share with you, America.

Facebook has banned my latest book from their social media platform. They said it violates their community standards.

My book is called “Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation.”

It’s a deep dive into the attacks on our First Amendment freedoms by a gang of culture jihadists who want to fundamentally transform America.

Ironically – there’s even a chapter on how the left is banning books they consider to be offensive – From Little House on the Prairie and Huckleberry Finn – to my book.

In October, Post Hill Press tried to purchase advertising to promote a Facebook Live book signing. However, Facebook rejected the advertising without explanation. And just the other day, when we tried to add the book to our Facebook “Shop” page – the book was rejected.

Big Tech is controlled by the culture jihadists. And they have the power to silence any opinion they find to be offensive.

We simply cannot and must not allow that to happen – so here’s what I want you to do. Go to right now and order a copy of Culture Jihad. Educate yourself and learn how to fight back. That’s what my book is about – and that’s why it terrifies the left. Click here to order a copy.