Black Student Rejected by U of Houston SGA Because of Her Faith

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Mya Little wanted to be the first black woman elected to the Supreme Court at the University of Houston.

But her application was rejected because of her Christian faith. 

The student government association said they had concerns about her religious beliefs – especially in the aftermath of the Roe v. Wade decision. 

The Daily Cougar, the university’s newspaper,  reported that student lawmakers also took issue because Ms. Little failed to recognize her latent bias. And she also opened her remarks by quoting a Bible verse.

“I read that scripture months ago and it really inspired me,” Little said. “It made me realize that the world to me, and in my eyes, is made out of love.”

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Ms. Little did have a few supporters.

“I think with record-level crime, disparity and poverty, we need more Christ in government,” Sen Nolan Shultz told the newspaper. “I need to go on the record saying I bring Christ anywhere I go.”

The same sort of situation happened a few years ago at Auburn University when a well-qualified candidate for the Supreme Court was rejected because he is white and conservative.

The student government associations on college campuses are microcosms of our local, state and federal government bodies. 

The headwaters for cultural and political change. 

We would all be wise to push back at the notion that Christians and white people are no longer qualified to serve in public office. 

And we should petition Congress to defund any university, private or public, that refuses to protect the God-given civil liberties provided to students through the U.S. Constitution.

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