Blacks Enraged Over School’s ‘Cops and Robbers’ Homecoming Float

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There was high drama during the homecoming parade at Bella Vista High School in California.

The junior class float featured a “cops and robbers” theme. The cops were portrayed by a couple of white kids. The robber a black guy – dressed in an orange jumpsuit.

Turns out the Black Student Union took offense and so did the taxpayer funded radio station in Sacramento.

They did a huge expose on the controversy – calling it a “racist homecoming float.” The NPR affiliate failed to explain what made the float racist.

The district spent around a month investigating the race-related incident, which concluded this week.

“Appropriate actions are being taken as a result of the investigation,” the district wrote in an email. “We are working with our Black Student Union and several community partners, engaging in additional professional learning and we’ve asked that all of our schools districtwide ask themselves critical questions before deciding themes for future events and spirit days.”

The Greater Sacramento’s NAACP has gotten involved with Bella Vista High’s Black Student Union to ensure that Black students on campus are empowered.

Cap Radio

A big nothing burger, but this is the world we live in now.

“They cannot see how [their actions] affect people of color and Black people. They tend to keep us on the side and put the white people or people that are just lighter in the center,” a member of the Black Student Union told the radio station. “Some people will say stuff [around me] and it’s like, ‘You realize I’m standing right here, right?’”

This is what critical race theory looks like in practice. Something as innocent as a homecoming float turns into some sort of racial apocalypse.

Moving forward high schools in the district have been told they must consider inclusion and equity in everything they do – and that includes themes for homecoming floats.

This is what the left does, folks. They literally suck the joy out of life.

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