Boys Will Be Boys: Tampon Dispenser Destroyed in School Bathroom — 20 Minutes After Installation

A tampon dispenser that had been installed in a boy’s bathroom at a Connecticut high school was destroyed 20 minutes later.

The principal at Brookfield High School said he was repulsed by what he called an “egregious instance of vandalism and destruction of property.”

In an email to the school, Principal Marc Balanda wrote that he was “disgusted” and “dismayed” by the act. “I am aware that the law says ‘men’s bathroom’ but the actions today that led to vandalism and destruction of property were the work of immature boys, not men,” he said.

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“A dispenser with menstrual products was installed in the boy’s bathroom near the [main office],” Balanda wrote. “The installation was completed at 9:30 (a.m.). By 9:52 (a.m.), tampons were on the floor, the newly installed distribution box was ripped off the wall along with the masonry anchors, and the distribution box itself was destroyed.”

Balanda, who lists his preferred pronouns as “he/him”, said the lady product machine was installed in the boy’s bathroom because boys might need access to tampons.

“According to state law, we will re-install this box in the boys’ bathroom,” his email went on to say.

Brookfield Schools Superintendent John Barile told Hearst Connecticut Media that the situation was “addressed” with the student involved. He did not disclose any details regarding disciplinary action but confirmed that the police were not involved.

“This is an issue of vandalism/destruction of property,” he said. “Law enforcement is typically not involved in situations of vandalism/destruction of property unless the act rises to a much higher level of property destruction. The school is seeking restitution.”

Meanwhile, the Alphabet Activist crowd is equating the destruction of the tampon machine to the KKK burning a cross – calling it “socialized misogyny” and “anti-trans hostility.”

“Just as racism is socialized and not innate, so too for misogyny and anti-LGBTQIAA+ bigotry,” CT Pride advisory board member Alex Harris told the New Haven Register. “All such feelings arise from socialized fear of ‘otherness.’ There is no reason for teen boys to fear period products, the people who require them or the use of such products anywhere.”

It seems to me the boys were mature enough to understand there was absolutely no biological reason for a tampon dispenser to be installed in a boy’s bathroom.

Do boys have any use for tampons?

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