BREAKING: NBC Says Biden to Call on Schools to Set Up Regular Testing

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President Biden is expected to sign an executive order requiring all federal executive branch workers to be vaccinated, and a second executive order that says that standard should be extended to employees of contractors that do business with the federal government, NBC News reported.

The Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Indian Health Service, and the National Institutes of Health have already said they will require vaccinations for their 2.5 million employees.

NBC News also reported the president will call on all schools to set up regular testing. The federal government set aside $10 billion in funding for Covid screening tests for teachers, staff and students, but it is unclear how that money is being spent.

The CDC recommends testing be offered to students who have not been fully vaccinated when there is elevated spread of the virus, and teachers and staff who have not been fully vaccinated should be screened regardless of the level of community transmission.