BREAKING: Video Shows Violent Mob Chasing Female Conservative Across University of Buffalo Campus

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A violent mob chanting, “Black Lives Matter,” chased a female conservative leader at the University of Buffalo, disrupted a Young America’s Foundation speech delivered by Allen West and assaulted several conservative students.

Most of the violence captured on video, which you can watch below.

Should Conservative Students Be Armed on Campus?

West, a well-known conservative leader and military veteran, had to be escorted off campus by police while nearly 200 gathered outside the venue where they chanted and chased conservative students.

Video footage obtained exclusively by Young America’s Foundation, shows West being escorted out by several police officers into a squad car to his hotel. He was surrounded by a mob of angry, screaming leftists.

“I’m black and I’m proud,” they screamed over and over again.

Leftists even attempted to break down the doors to a reception following the event, YAF reported.

Therese Purcell, a YAF campus leader, was chased across campus by the mob. She found refuge in a men’s bathroom.

“I am unbelievably disturbed that I was chased by a leftist mob and scared for my life on my college campus all for hosting Lt. Col. Allen West, a conservative speaker,” she told YAF. “I was aggressively chased by about 200 angry protesters and had to hide in a mens bathroom from screaming leftists who were searching for me. The assault on free speech at University at Buffalo by an angry mob is incredibly unacceptable. ”

Gianna Milaro, a YAF staffer, was at the University of Buffalo and described the scene as “pandemonium.”

“At many times throughout the night, I was legitimately worried about West’s and the students’ physical safety due to the angry mob berating and banging on the doors,” she told YAF.

West had been invited by the college conservatives to deliver a speech defending the truth that America is not a racist nation.

The University of Buffalo should immediately expel any student who was involved in this mob action and the police should arrest everyone responsible for attacking the students.

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