California AG: Parents Have No Right to Know if Children are Transgender

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California Attorney General Rob Bonta is suing the Chino Valley Unified School District.

The state is upset over the school board’s mandatory gender identity disclosure policy.

Here’s how it works: if Susie identifies as Billy at school – the teacher is required to notify Susie’s mom and dad.

In other words, it’s a common sense rule – implemented by the school district’s new conservative board members.

The attorney general says parents don’t have a right to know that sort of information.

“This policy wrongfully and unconstitutionally discriminates against transgender and gender nonconforming students,” the attorney general wrote.

California Sen. Scott Wiener praised the attorney general’s decision.

“Forcing a teacher to out a trans kid to their parents — even if the kid isn’t ready & even if it puts them at risk of harm — is dangerous & frankly, despicable,” he wrote on Twitter. “Each of us decides when we come out. It’s no one else’s damn business.”

Jack Hibbs, the pastor of Calvary Chapel in Chino Hills, has been openly attacked by lawmakers and the media over the school’s policy. Three of his church members currently sit on the school board.

Pastor Hibbs says the rule is about parental rights and bringing transparency back into the classroom.

“This is how the transgender activist spins our attempt to demand parental notification before a school, mutilates their children, either our children’s body, soul, or spirit,” Hibbs wrote on. Twitter. “The war for righteousness is on! Are you going to stand for the innocent?”

A number of school districts across the state now have conservative majorities — drawing the ire of Democrats and the attention of national media.

“We welcome this fight,” said Republican Assembly member Bill Essayli told Politico. “We want the public to know what your agenda isand we want to run on this in the next election.”

Pastor Hibbs has illustrated a point I’ve made for years – if people of faith take a stand – they can facilitate change – even in a state like California.

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