California Democrats Want to Ban Peewee Football

Peewee football could soon be outlawed in California.

Lawmakers have advanced a bill that would ban tackle football for kids under 12-years-old. They say it’s took dangerous and puts boys at risk for head injuries. Other states have tried, but failed, to ban tackle football – including New York and Illinois.

Critics say the measure is misguided and would discriminate against underserved communities.

“This is no compromise, this is just a straight out ‘we are going to tell you your kids can’t play the sport and we are going to go away, and that’s it.’ And we are not going to accept that answer,” said Steve Famiano, a leader of the Save Youth Football California Coalition.

He told Fox 5 in San Diego that if lawmakers ban football they have to ban other contact sports, as well.

“If this is truly about protecting kids’ brains, why does this bill not have a broader scope of sports and age groups attached to it? And to be quite honest with you, our group has not been able to get an answer out of Sacramento and I can’t understand why,” Famiano told the television station.

And that raises an important question. Is it really about public safety or is it yet another attempt by radical feminists and the preferred pronoun crowd to declare war on toxic masculinity? It sure looks like a covert attempted to feminize boys – to take away a rough and tumble, all-American sport. Chickifying the sport is what Rush Limbaugh once called it.

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“We’re feminizing this game. It’s a man’s game and if we keep feminizing this game we’re gonna ruin it. If we keep chickifying this game we’re gonna ruin it. It’s gonna become something it was never intended to be, and so many men now, executives in the league and sports Drive-Bys are in a race to see who can be the most politically correct feminized guy. It’s comical to watch this,” he said in 2014.

Football is a man’s sport and it angers the feminists who know that women can’t compete one-on-one against men on the gridiron.

Hence, the all-out war on Vince Lombardi. And it’s been incredibly effective. Since 2015 participation in high school tackle football has dropped more than 18 percent.

Should little boys be allowed to play tackle football?

It’s incredible to imagine that an entire generation of children in the 1970’s and 80’s survived childhood riding around in the back of pickup trucks, playing on rusted merry-go-rounds and playing tackle football in gravel lots. And whenever we got injured, our moms would rub dirt on the wound and send us back outside to play until the street lights flickered on.

Instead of banning peewee football parents should consider the national implications of raising a generation of perpetually wounded snowflakes.

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