California Pastors Vow to Defend Chick-fil-A From Leftist Attacks

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It has nothing to do with their chicken, says David Gibbs, founder of the Christian Law Association. He says the recent attacks on Chick-fil-A has everything to do with the company’s Christian values.

“It’s because of those values they want to shut them down,” Gibbs explained. “Interestingly, they’re not going after the Muslims, and they’re not going after other groups. They’re going after the Christians because they want to say just because you hold these values, we find you repugnant to our community.”

Gibbs was part of a special Starnes Country Town Hall anchored by Fox News Channel’s Todd Starnes and hosted by Lancaster Baptist Church in California.

The panel discussion focused on how California Christians could help restore traditional American values to a state that is controlled by leftist, anti-Christian Democrats. Watch the show right now on FoxNation.com.

In San Mateo County lawmakers are trying to stop Chick-fil-A from opening a franchise — citing the restaurant chain’s religious beliefs.

Supervisor David Canepa says he doesn’t want a Chick-fil-A in Redwood City because Chick-fil-A has donated to groups that believe marriage is between one man, and one woman.

Similar arguments about Chick-fil-A have been raised in San Antonio, Texas, Buffalo, NY and Miami, Florida.

Gibbs, a nationally-known religious liberty attorney, said the behavior of the lawmakers is ridiculous and blatantly illegal.

“It’s absolutely off the charts illegal,” the attorney continued.

Dr. Paul Chappell, the pastor of Lancaster Baptist Church and president of West Coast Baptist College, said Christians who own small business across the state are also facing difficulties.

“If you’re a Christian who believes the Bible, you’re going to face discrimination from authorities,” Chappell said. “We as pastors and believers need to stand up and say, ‘What about the tolerance? We’re tolerating everybody but those who love the Lord Jesus Christ.’”

Gibbs agreed.

“At the Christian Law Association, we get those calls every week,” said Gibbs. “It’s critical for God’s people to say, ‘enough!’ We are absolutely legally going to take a stand and there’s no way we’re going to allow this to happen.”

Paul Choi, the pastor of Hillcrest Baptist Church in Eastvale, California, said the government should not be overreaching into the church, Christian businesses or even home schools.

“We look back to the Declaration of Independence, we look at our Constitution and we have a First Amendment right — freedom of religion,” he said.

Starnes later pointed out that the first freedom we are guaranteed in the Constitution is the freedom of religion.

“Everything else comes after that, and while people have been chipping away at that, we now have attacks on free speech.”

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