California School District Banishes Gay Pride Flag

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A tiny California school district is in the throes of a supersized controversy over flags.

The Sunol Glen School Board voted in favor of a resolution that bans the display of all flags except for the American flag and the California state flag.

The resolution was introduced after the superintendent allowed a gay pride flag to be prominently displayed outside the district’s only school.

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A group of parents accused the district of crossing a line – telling KTVU that it’s like giving a sexual credit card to students.

“They have crossed the line from academics into values, beliefs, opinions, politics and sex,” said Lisa Disbrow, a teacher from Moraga and member of the group Informed Parents of Contra Costa County. “It’s like giving a credit card, a sexual credit card to students to engage in sexual behaviors, identities, when they’re still minors.”

“I don’t agree with the lifestyle. But, at the same time, I don’t agree having it in the schools and being pushed down everybody’s throat. No one’s doing their lifestyle down everyone’s throat,” Manny Morales told ABC News.

The school board is controlled by conservatives and it took them no time at all to banish the controversial flag.

“For many kids, the only safe and welcoming and affirming place they have is their school. And when we see school board members that don’t acknowledge that and actively push policies against that, it harms gay kids, it harms gay families,” Austin Bruckner-Carrillo of Castro Valley Pride told ABC News.

But it’s really a commonsense decision.

And good for the school board – they took a bold stand by declaring that the classroom is for learning – not spewing propaganda.

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