Catholic University Denies Conservative Group for Two-Sexes Statement

"Why should I have to fight to allow Catholicism to be taught at a Catholic university?"

A Catholic University in Indiana reportedly denied the formation of a conservative group on campus due to statements from the group’s national organization that there are only two sexes, male and female.

Saint Mary’s University in Notre Dame denied an application from student Claire Bettag to formally recognize a Turning Point USA chapter at the university, according to The College Fix.

Should Catholic universities follow Catholic teachings?

Administrators at the university said in an email “the style and content of Turning Point USA’s messaging around LGBTQ+ issues do not align with the mission and values of Saint Mary’s.”

The university pointed to comments by TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk, where he posted on Twitter that there are only two genders.

“It completely astounds me to see that a ‘Catholic’ institution like Saint Mary’s College has rejected my request to start a conservative chapter on campus due to ‘biological differences’ regarding transgenderism,” Bettag said in a statement to The Fix.

“Why should I have to fight to allow Catholicism to be taught at a Catholic university? If I wanted to attend a liberal school, I would have considered an Ivy League university,” she added.

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Andrew Kolvet, a national spokesman for Turning Point, called the decision by the Catholic university “startling.”

Kolvet told the outlet, “The Bible is clear, God made them male and female and you’d think a Catholic institution would support those values.”

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