Catholic University Investigates Conservatives for Asking ‘What Is a Woman?’

Conservative students at a Catholic university in Missouri are being investigated for asking liberal students to give the definition of a woman.

St. Louis University in Missouri sent a letter to the St. Louis College Republicans on Nov. 2, letting them know that they would be investigated for “inappropriate conduct” due to a video on their Instagram page.

A group called the SLU Sluts posted on their Instagram page that they would be hosting a vigil for young women killed in Texas. According to a YAF press release, this group has argued that “not all women have a uterus” and “not all people with uteruses are women.”


The St. Louis College Republicans commented on this Instagram page asking “what is a woman”. This question went viral and the College Republicans made a video about it which also went viral, resulting in a letter from the university calling for an investigation. 

The letter cited: Inappropriate Conduct: Behavior that fails to uphold the University’s mission, values, objectives and responsibilities; behavior that fails to model good citizenship.

“The left can’t give you a definition (of a woman) because it’s constantly changing,” said spokeswoman for YAF, Kara Zupkus on the Todd Starnes Radio Show. “ It used to be people that can give birth and out and beyond that. What this is saying is, oh, men can give birth. Men can have dresses, but there’s really no logical consistency to the left at all. We’re proud of these students for calling them out on it.”

According to the YAF press release, the ‘SLU Sluts’ group had targeted conservative students in the past, encouraging doxing and harassment of them in classes. Zupkus mentioned on the Todd Starnes Radio Show that the SLU College Republicans would be inviting Daily Wire commentator Matt Walsh to come and speak to the students. 

“They’re (SLU College Republicans) actually going to be hosting a speaker-Matt Walsh through YAF on December 1st, which we’re anticipating a lot of backlash and protest from the university,” said Zupkus. According to Zupkus, the SLU Sluts will be organizing a protest for the event. 

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SLU College Republicans Chairman Nicholas Baker told YAF that he is very disappointed that SLU is pressing charges against them for “refusing to perpetuate left-wing gender theory.”

“The ‘SLU Sluts’ were actively making threats against our members, and put together a plan to ‘call us out in class’ for our pro-life values, but somehow we’re the ones on trial for simply asking them to define their terms,” Baker told YAF in a statement. “It’s disheartening to see this supposedly Catholic university constantly falling on its knees to remain in the far-Left’s grace.”


Below is a rushed transcript of YAF’s Kara Zupkus on the Todd Starnes Radio Show:

Starnes: [01:08:17] All right. Our guest on the Patriot Mobile newsmaker line in the Liberty University Studioes from Young America’s Foundation. Another crazy story. Now this is from a Catholic university in Missouri, St. Louis University, and we understand that conservative kids there are under investigation for asking What is a woman? [01:08:36][18.6]

Zupkus: [01:08:37] They are. You really can’t make this up. I was shocked to see that this is happening at a Catholic university, being that I’m Catholic and knowing the tradition of Catholic, the fact that these students are being literally investigated by their universities for simply asking a biological question to these liberal students to kind of parade around that transgender agenda, they simply ask, What is a woman? In an Instagram video that they posted and the leftists were not having it. They were pretty upset, and they filed a bunch of complaints against the group, and they’re now being investigated and subjected to all of these kangaroo court hearings by the Office of Student Responsibility and Community Standards. [01:09:14][36.6]

Starnes: [01:09:16] Well, I mean, it’s actually seems to me that is a good question that we should be asking. I mean, what is it that makes a woman a woman these days? [01:09:23][7.5]

Zupkus: [01:09:24] Exactly, and the left can’t give you a definition because it’s constantly changing. It used to be people that can give birth and out and beyond that, what this is saying, oh, men can give birth. Men can have dresses, but there’s really no logical consistency to the left at all. We’re proud of these students for calling them out on it, and they’re actually going to be hosting a speaker. Matt Walsh through YAF on December 1st, which we’re anticipating a lot of backlash and protest from the university. Leftist on campus is actually a student group, and they’re called the SLU slut. That’s their name. They put it where we were planning a protest. [01:09:58][33.8]

Speaker 2: [01:10:00] Wait, sluts?  Wow. [01:10:00][0.0]

Starnes: [01:10:01] Wow. Yes. Can’t make it up. Wow. No, you cannot. You know, Matt Walsh is going to trigger a lot of those folks Kara. [01:10:08][6.8]

Zupkus: [01:10:08] Kara Oh, yeah, we’re really looking forward to it. Hopefully, they actually show up to the event and actually participate in the Q&A, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to shut the event down, sadly. [01:10:18][9.1]

Starnes: [01:10:19] No. Yeah, I’m with you on that, by the way. Real quick. How are things over at the Reagan Ranch? I know there were some fires in the area near Santa Barbara. How are things over there? [01:10:27][8.7]

Zupkus: [01:10:29] Yes, so the fires have mostly receded, so the ranch is no longer in danger and are luckily going to kind of have some bad damage to the road leading up to the ranch and with potential for mudslides and things like that. The conference that were hosting this coming weekend at the ranch were not actually able to bring the students up to the ranch, which is a little sad. But we’re going to do everything we can to fix those roads and make sure that we’re prepared in the future. If this happens again, because it really did get dangerously close and we’re really lucky that God had us on our Sunnyside. [01:10:57][28.2]

Starnes: [01:10:58] Amen, I thought I saw Scott Walker out there without like a firefighters hat on with big hose, and I’m like, Man, that guy is going the extra mile. So. But oh yeah, no. [01:11:07][9.1]

Zupkus: [01:11:07] Ranch team is awesome. [01:11:08][0.6]

Starnes: [01:11:08] Well, they are. It’s a great team out there and we’re glad everything is going well, possibly afford if you would like to check out the incredible work they’re doing go to YAF.org. There are so many ways to get involved as they raise up that next generation of patriots as a Ronald Reagan, so encouraged us to do. Kara, we’re going to have to leave it there. Kara Zupkus. Ladies and gentlemen, men, she does not like the fingernail polish on the dudes. So just keep that in mind. All right, Sarah, thank you. [01:11:36][27.4]

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