Charter School Wants 5-year-old’s to be Liberated at Gay Pride Event

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Central Park School for Children in North Carolina held a week-long celebration of gay pride where they are urging boys and girls to liberate themselves, journalist A.P. Dillon said on the Todd Starnes Radio Show.

Recently, the charter school hosted a Pride and Liberation Event for boys and girls in grades K through 8. The children will be learning all about the LGBTQ movement – from drag queens to something called queer history.

The drag queen – known as Justin Clapp – is an advocate of something called anti-transphobia. And he says anyone who feels uncomfortable around a drag queen is a bigot.

“We put forward a social justice bent, with a focus on humor, enthusiastic consent, antiracism, antitransphobia, antimisogynyjust basically trying to create an environment for everyone. And I think anyone who has been to our shows has felt comfortable, unless they are a bigot,” Clapp told IndyWeek in 2018.

Journalist A.P. Dillon first reported about the school’s activities after someone sent her emails written by administrators. I would encourage you to follow this link and read the all the emails and correspondence. It’s downright shocking, folks.

“The e-mail also said that they didn’t want teachers to tell this to the parents until they had actually rolled it out. So parents were going to be getting blindsided so I decided that I would go ahead and publish this,” Dillon said on the radio show.

I reached out to leaders at the school but they did not respond to email inquiries about the event.

The Raleigh News & Observer reports the pride and liberation event was in response to bullying at the school, in a story titled, “Gay kids were getting bullied. So an NC school called in the drag queens.”

According to the email, the purpose of pride and liberation event is to:

  1. Increased visibility for queer members of the community, with a focus on centering queer People of Color.
  2. Education on race, gender, queer history, and intersectionality, as well as advocacy, contributing to spaces of inclusiveness and liberation, and upstanding/anti-bullying.
  3. Challenging common misconceptions and the increasing instances of exclusionary, demeaning, and threatening language and actions amongst students, disproportionately affecting students of Color, LGBTQ students, and female students.

This is what radical indoctrination looks like, folks. Why else would you expose five-year-old children to drag queens and why else would you try to “liberate” a kindergartner?

Grade school children should be learning how to read and write and multiply. But instead – they are being subjected to ideas and concepts they are far too young to understand.

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