CHILD ABUSE: Toddler Weeps as Daycare Worker Orders Him to Mask Up

A viral video posted to Facebook by a woman named Ann Walker shows her crying toddler at a daycare in New York being forced to wear a face mask.

“This is my poor kid at daycare today so I can work. #breaksmyheart #governorhochulthiswontwork #whyarewepunishingbabies.” the mother said blaming New York’s newly sworn in Governor for the authoritarian mask mandate.

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The mother says the daycare is only following the moronic rules of the state’s Democrat governor.

“Point of clarification I’m not upset with his daycare they are attempting to comply with the mandate,” she wrote. “I love where he is. I’m pissed out our governor and OCFS who think mandating two year old to wear a mask 7-10 hours a day is at all necessary.”

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