College Denies Religious Exemptions for COVID Vaccine to Catholic Students

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While some people are thinking their religion will help them opt out of getting the coronavirus vaccine, Boston College is rejecting the exemption for Catholics.

Catholics, who are traditionally pro-life, oppose the use of “aborted fetal tissue” that researchers might have used while researching the coronavirus vaccine. Therefore, they feel morally they should not get the shot.

But that reason isn’t enough for Boston College. Reporting from The Boston Herald says that they’re publicly still accepting religious and medical exemptions, yet refusing many Catholics’ requests to skip the shot.

Vaccine proponents cited Pope Francis’ public support for the vaccine during interviews.

However, his public opinion doesn’t sway all Catholics to take the jab in the arm, and it conflicts with their pro-life faith.

Boston College may stand by its decision, but not all members of that institution are happy about the decision. One Catholic Student at Boston College voice his concerns with Campus Reform.

“The decision to not allow Catholics to be exempt from the vaccine mandate for conscientious religious reasons is dead wrong,” Thomas Sarrouf told the publication.