Comedy Club Cancels Jewish Comic

Comedian Michael Rapaport’s show tonight in Madison, Wisconsin has been canceled to appease Jew-haters.

“This is just not okay. This is not a road that I felt comfortable going down, bowing down to these people,” he said.

It was a sold-out performance at Comedy on the State – a comedy club near the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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There was great fear that a pro-Hamas mob would target Rapaport. The comedy club was concerned that audience members might be put in danger. That the club might be targeted by the mob.

In other words, they caved to Hamas. They surrendered to the terrorists and canceled the Jewish comedian.

“I was extremely p—– off,” Rapaport said on his podcast. “I didn’t imagine, didn’t think that it would get to a point where my beliefs and me standing up for what I know is right, regarding Jews, regarding Israel, regarding being Jewish and just the right thing, would get to a point where a club would cancel my show because they are afraid of an incident happening.”

We cannot and we must not bow down to the bullies. Silence in the face of evil is evil itself.

And that’s why we have seen chaos unfold on university campuses across the country. The grownups in the room are not willing to crack down on the perpetually offended, spoiled brats who are laying siege to buildings.

Many American comedians are learning a cold, hard truth about the Marxists who are waging war on our nation. Freedom is literally under assault – and that’s no laughing matter.

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