Conservative Student Faces Possible EXPULSION For Not Respecting Pronouns

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A conservative student in Pennsylvania is facing the cancel culture mob on campus for telling “The Ingraham Angle” how “stupid” the school’s gender pronoun policy.

Campus Reform Correspondent Logan Dubil appeared on Fox to discuss Point Park University’s “Preferred Name Policy.” 

On Sept. 20, Logan Dubil published an article where he criticized his school’s policy that stated that “action could be taken” against students who use the wrong pronouns. 

According to the email that was obtained by Campus Reform, it states:

“The Office of Equity and Inclusion would like to welcome in the 2021-2022 academic year with information on current policies that exist through our office and information regarding the Preferred Name Policy, instances of misgendering, pronoun misuse, and deadnaming (the use of a person’s legal ‘dead’ name instead of using the person’s chosen or preferred name), as well as resources on microaggressions and additional training.” 

“Any individual who has been informed of another person’s gender identity, pronouns, or chosen name is expected to respect that individual,” noting if a complaint is filed, “regardless of the intent, if an individual is impacted in a harmful way, action could be taken,” the email continued. 

During his interview, Laura Ingraham, asked Dubil if the school gave any indication about what the punishment will be from the university if students do not abide by this policy. 

“As of now no one knows what the punishment could be,” said Dubil. 

“I reached out to the student government president along with the president of the university itself and no concrete answer has been received so far,” Dubil continued later in the interview. 

After Dubil appeared on Fox News, a change.org petition was created to remove him from Point Park University. As of now, the petition has 422 signatures. 

The petition states: 

“There is a person with the name Logan Dubil with the title of Student Reform Correspondent. Action needs to be taken against them because they do not respect others pronouns and made statements that are transphobic on the news.”

As of now, the university has not responded to this petition or made a statement regarding whether this petition would impact Dubil staying at the school.

“On top of the petition, numerous students at Point Park University have harassed me on social media,” Dubin said in a statement to the Todd Starnes Radio Show. “Someone has even gone as far as calling my place of work in an attempt to get me in trouble and/or fired. This kind of behavior is unacceptable on a college campus.”

Dubil published a letter to his school on his personal twitter. In the letter, he stated: 

“Enough is enough. I ask that the school releases a statement about the issue in question. First off, I want students to know that the First Amendment is respected on campus. Conservatives need to know that they will not be kicked off campus, harassed, or doxed for being vocal about what they believe in.”

Near the end of the letter, he added that an apology from the school would be appreciated.

“My current situation just goes to show how serious of an issue free speech is on college campuses across the country,” Dubin told the Todd Starnes Radio Show. “Dear conservative students out there, stand your ground and don’t back down to the liberal indoctrination you may experience on a day to day basis. We will fight the good fight together.” 

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