COURT: Students Can Wear Pro-Transgender Shirts, But Not Anti-Trans Shirts

It’s okay to wear t-shirts promoting the LGBT agenda, but be careful if you wear a shirt promoting the idea that God made only two genders.

That’s the decision of a federal district court in Massachusetts.

Should Liam be allowed to wear a t-shirt that reads, "There are only two genders"?

The court refused to issue a temporary injunction that would have stopped Nichols Middle School from banning Liam Morrison from wearing a shirt that says “there are only two genders.”

Alliance Defending Freedom is representing the 12-year-old. They plan to appeal the ruling.

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“This isn’t about a T-shirt; this is about a public school telling a 7th grader that he isn’t allowed to hold a view that differs from the school’s preferred orthodoxy,” said ADF’s Logan Spena. “Public school officials can’t censor Liam’s speech by forcing him to remove a shirt that states a scientific fact. Doing so is a gross violation of the First Amendment that we’re urging the court to rectify.”

They point out that students are allowed to wear clothing that promotes the transgender movement. Many classrooms and hallways are decorated with gay pride flags and posters on sexual orientation.

The message is clear: only one sort of opinion is permissible. All others are censored. And that happens to be a violation of Liam’s constitutionally-protected rights.

Nichols Middle School is not so much a place of learning as it is a place for grooming.

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