CRACKDOWN! Florida Sheriff Vows to Put the Fear of God in Unruly Students

Students in Brevard County, Florida are getting a serious wakeup call from the sheriff — anyone who misbehaves will suffer severe consequences.

“Cheeks of their ass torn off,” is the exact expression Sheriff Wayne Ivey used to describe their plan to bring law and order back into the public school district.

Should schools reinstate corporal punishment?

Teachers, school bus drivers and lunch ladies have been complaining for years about being bullied and harassed by students. But those days are long gone.

“It’s a new day,” Ivey announced to the county. Watch the excellent videos below.

He said there was a reason why young people have been behaving like wild animals.

“They know nothing is going to happen to them,” Ivey said. “They know they’re not going to be given after-school detention, they’re not going to be suspended, they’re not going to be expelled, or like in the old days, they’re not going to have the cheeks of their ass torn off for not doing right in class.”

A representative from the union for school bus drivers and other school employees told ClickOrlando.com staff members were being hurt by students.

“The instructional assistants that are in the classrooms are choked, they’re bitten, they’re scratched. It’s an everyday occurrence,” said Delores Varney with IUPAD Local 1010. “And they’re so discouraged because nothing is ever done with the students, or at least it appears there is nothing being done. If it is, it’s taking way too long to remove these bad students from the classrooms.”

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