Crackdown on Parents Reminds Me of 1930’s Germany, Rep. Greg Murphy tells Starnes

The following is a rush transcript of Todd’s interview with Rep. Greg Murphy (R-NC) on The Todd Starnes Radio Show. Click here to listen to the full interview.

TODD: And speaking of North Carolina, great to have on the PATRIOT MOBILE NEWSMAKER LINE the representative from the 3rd Congressional District, Congressman Greg Murphy. Congressman, good to have you back with us.

MURPHY: [01:33:30] Good afternoon, Todd. Hope you’re doing well. You know,

TODD: [01:33:33] I am congressman, and I was especially intrigued with a press release you put out a couple of days ago. You and several other lawmakers are pushing back against the Justice Department as they basically declared war on moms and dads in America.

MURPHY: [01:33:51] Well, Todd, here it’s very interesting to see how free speech in this country in every avenue is now being threatened, censorship, the cancel culture, you know here the Biden administration doesn’t want parents to have the right to say, ‘Hey, I don’t want my kid taught that nonsense.’ But you know, here we are. They weaponized the Department of Justice to come and criminalize good, law abiding taxpayers. But then we want to defund the police. That’s the other hypocritical just don’t like on the book of hypocritical stances of the Biden administration. But this is nonsense. This is the forum for parents to come. That’s why you have school board meetings to come and express concern, but to to weaponize them and basically say are weaponized. The DOJ and basically say your opinion is not valid and you’re a domestic terrorist is totally antithetical to what this country stands for.

TODD: [01:34:45] You’re right, congressman. And then when you go back to the I guess this was the incident that started it when this just anxiety filled father went over to the school board to find justice for his daughter, who had allegedly been raped by a transgender person in the school and on school property. When you finally hear that part of the story after this guy has been smeared in the national media is just appalling.

MURPHY: [01:35:17] It’s tragic, it’s tragic, it’s, you know, the cancel culture the left is the what is the part that screams the most? They they scream the loudest, that everybody’s a victim, they’re a victim. And you should not have a right to speak your mind. You should not have a right to say anything because of a fear of offending somebody just because you’re transgender does not mean you get out of a get out of school free card or anything like that. But you know, it’s basically just again, we’ve come to a country. We have a party now that it’s your way or the highway reminds me a little bit of 1930s Germany, honestly, to be, to be very frank. These are frightening times for free speech in this country.

TODD: [01:35:58] Well, they are. And Congressmen, you know that you would dare even make that comparison, even though that is the legitimate historical comparison to what’s going on. You know, they’ll come after you.

MURPHY: [01:36:09] Yes, that’s exactly right, and they have look at look at what Biden is doing with the IRS now, and we’re instead of a $10000 transaction with your bank, it’s six hundred dollars. So they want to know everything about you, whether they want to know exactly what you’re doing. We’re going to hire 85 1000 new IRS agents so they can dissect everybody’s finances. Again, this administration, you know, Biden came in as the quote unity president. He walked over to the White House and cut that dream in half. And it’s the progressive far left that are running the country now. And I’m actually heartened to see that Middle America is waking up. I believe, Oh, me too.

TODD: [01:36:46] Me too. Congressman watch. And it’s happening at school board meetings, city halls, and that’s what it’s going to take if we’re going to win back our country. We’re going to have to get control of our of our local communities again. I want to ask you about something that just happened. Joe Biden holding a very brief and is really not a press conference because he doesn’t take any questions. But he did say that he was ordering the Labor Department to implement mandatory procedures for companies with more than 100 workers that all workers must be vaccinated. Your reaction to that?

MURPHY: [01:37:20] Well, I mean, he’s made this economy and we’re now approaching double digit inflation. He’s crashing our economy. He’s putting out, you know, nails in his own party’s coffin. What’s interesting about this? I thought, I’m a physician and I’ve done my research. I love how people say they’ve done the research. I’ve done my medical research. I truly believe these vaccines are safe and effective. However, however, you know, everything is not for everybody. You know, my decisions that are the patients decision that is made is after I’ve given them informed consent, they sign on the dotted line. If I’m operating on this metric and this is a medication and for for us to cripple industry in America, to shove this down people’s throats because we have nurses, we have doctors in the health care field that are leaving because of this. I wish they were get vaccinated, but I sure as hell don’t believe that the federal government should mandate vaccines in this regard, especially now with kids, because we know that that’s not this is not really truly pediatric disease. It’s just it’s just something that is totally un-American, to be very honest with you.

TODD: [01:38:22] You know what gets me about this? I have a mechanical heart valve, aortic heart valve, and I have to take warfarin, a blood thinner every day of my life. Thirty seven years old had open heart surgery, and it’s interesting because the way CNN has described ivermectin as that horse pill, you know, as you know, really ridiculing people who don’t even have prescriptions like Joe Rogan, the comedian and ridiculing him in the national media, you know, CNN would turn around and say, Oh, that’s Stan’s guy, he’s just taking rat poison. How dare he do that? That is very dangerous for the media to play that sort of a game.

MURPHY: [01:38:58] Yeah. And this is I tell you, it’s hard and this makes I hope people don’t take it as inflammatory. But the truth is, the media is, in my opinion, the most antithetical thing to the American constitution that we have because they don’t care, especially the leftist media here. They don’t care about the truth they want, especially CNN wants to just push this narrative. You know, look, look at the studies. I’m a physician. What I would love to see is I would love to see a head to head trial between the new drug from Merck and ivermectin and placebo. Why don’t we do that study? But there’s not money in it? I understand that. But for these idiots to say that, that doesn’t have an efficacy, I’ve prescribed it. I believe many of the studies that show it has efficacy in early stage disease. Hydroxychloroquine, they got all of it because Trump touted it. They studied it in late stage disease, where it has no effect. Did they study at an early stage disease? No. But these idiots on CNN just anything that doesn’t fit within their bandwidth. They are. They’re horrible attacking, attacking, attacking their idiots.

TODD: [01:39:59] Oh no. Well, no doubt about that. Well, congressman, one final question here. I want to get your reaction to the to the White House over this idea that inflation high prices is only an upper class, a rich person’s problem that the rest of us aren’t really worried about that. I kind of got a good laugh as I was paying nearly $4 a gallon for gasoline the other day.

MURPHY: [01:40:23] Todd, I saw that and I just it’s one of these things where your jaw just dropped. That is. Is that how out of touch they are with America? Think about what inflation is. It is a tax. It is a tax on every single American, regardless of income. And who does it disproportionately affect? It disproportionately affects the poor because it’s a greater percentage of their own people, their take home income to pay for gas, to pay for milk, to pay for chicken, to pay for these things that they need every day. You know, affluent America, it doesn’t affect nearly as much. And for them to come out and say such a ridiculous statement, you know, it’s about as ridiculous as saying this massive trillion dollar spending bill is going to cost $0. They are just totally out of touch with basic economics and based on the basic American,

TODD: [01:41:09] you’re right about that. Congressman, we’re going to have to leave it there. Great info. As always, we really appreciate you coming on the program. Great. Take care. God bless.

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