Elite Preschool Announces to Kids that ‘Male Teacher’ is Pregnant

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An elite school in Washington, D.C. announced to preschoolers that a male teacher is about to give birth. 

The teacher is transgender. The school called the pregnancy unusual. 

The River School sent a letter to parents alerting them that the male teacher’s belly was already growing. 

Should you homeschool your kids?

“For kids who may have associations with pregnancy and a certain gender (‘only girls/moms can have babies’), Tristan uses the language of, ‘some boys have bodies that can have babies, and I have that kind of body that can have a baby, isn’t that cool?!’” the email states.

And said it was a learning opportunity for preschoolers. They said their job was to dispel the notion that only women can have babies. 

This is academic malpractice at its worst — indoctrinating four and five year olds. 

Teaching outright lies that men can give birth — while making a mockery of womanhood. 

Young America’s Foundation condemned the school’s radical sex and gender policies.

“The River School makes a mockery of womanhood by teaching its young, impressionable preschool students that women can turn into men and that men can become pregnant,” YAF wrote. “The Left is trying to indoctrinate children at increasingly younger and younger ages. No child, especially at the age of four or five, should be lied to in this manner.”

It seems to me that if you are spending nearly $40,000 a year to educate your preschooler — you’d at least want your child being taught by educators who have a rudimentary knowledge of human anatomy and biology. 

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