FEDERAL JUDGE: Kids Can Attend Sexually Explicit Drag Shows

DEVELOPING STORY: A federal judge ruled that underage children have a constitutional right to attend sexually explicit drag shows and other adult entertainment venues.

U.S. District Judge Thomas Parker, appointed to the bench by former President Trump, ruled that Tennessee’s law banning drag shows in public or in places where children could view them is unconstitutional.

Should children be allowed to attend drag shows?

The law says an “adult cabaret performance” is unlawful if it happens on public property or in a location where the performance “could be viewed by a person who is not an adult.” It defines such a performance as one that is harmful to minors and includes topless dancers, “exotic” dancers, strippers and male or female impersonators. 

A Memphis-based LGBTQ theatre company, Friends of George’s, had sued the state, claiming the law unconstitutional under the First Amendment.

Judge Parker, a pro-drag queen Republican, agreed and said the law violates freedom of speech protections.

After considering the briefs and evidence presented at trial, the Court finds that—despite
Tennessee’s compelling interest in protecting the psychological and physical wellbeing of
children—the Adult Entertainment Act (“AEA”) is an UNCONSTITUTIONAL restriction on
the freedom of speech

The Court concludes that the AEA is both unconstitutionally vague and substantially
overbroad. The AEA’s “harmful to minors” standard applies to minors of all ages, so it fails to
provide fair notice of what is prohibited, and it encourages discriminatory enforcement. The
AEA is substantially overbroad because it applies to public property or “anywhere” a minor
could be present

Judge Parker

The Tennessee law was the first in the country to directly target sexually-explicit drag shows. First-time violators faced a $2,500 fine and up to a year in prison. 

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Has anyone actually taken the time to ask why drag queens are so anxious to perform their sexual fantasies in front of children? Has anyone given thought to why they want four-year-olds to stuff dollar bills into their crotches?

Gov. Lee and the Republicans in the Tennessee legislature did their best to protect children from predators and groomers. The only people celebrating today are the perverts in pantyhose.

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