First Grader Fears She Might Turn into Boy After Classroom ‘Gender Reveal’ Party

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TODD: Over last weekend, when we were at CPAC, we ran into a new organization and we’re going to be talking to these folks on a fairly regular basis. It’s a group called Moms for America. The leader of this group, Kimberly Fletcher, we had a chance to sit down and talk about the latest developments. Boots on the ground in these school boards and how moms are really weaponizing themselves to protect their kids from these radical schools. Take a listen. All right, we’re here with Kimberly Fletcher of Moms for America. Kimberly, this is a very interesting election cycle we’re about to jump into. Moms, especially have been mobilized and and I think weaponized as a result of a lot of things happening in the in the school system. Have you noticed that through your organization?

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KIMBERLY FLETCHER: [01:04:41] Absolutely. So we’ve been really excited actually to see what’s going on because for six years we started the organization in 2004. And I’ve been trying to warn parents about what was happening in the schools and then, you know, thought I was a helicopter parent, tinfoil hat, not my school, not my classroom. But in the last two years, they have realized that it is happening everywhere. And I’ve been saying for the last 16 years the moment that moms find out what’s going on behind closed doors in their children’s classroom, there’s going to be a national revolt. And that’s exactly what’s happening right now.

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TODD: [01:05:12] So on that national revolt, I mean, there are actually educators who are on the record saying moms, dads have no business deciding what their kids learn in the classroom, and that’s a big problem. What say you?

KIMBERLY FLETCHER: [01:05:27] It is a big problem, but there’s also another side that nobody wants to talk about, and that’s all of the teachers who have been bullied and intimidating, intimidated, who are standing with us as parents and begging us to stand with them because they don’t like what’s happening in the classroom either.

TODD: [01:05:41] Is that so you’re telling me that you’re getting reports from teachers because we’ve heard similar reports that it’s not the teachers, it’s the principals. It’s, you know, they’re getting it above and you know, from the from the unions. So there’s there’s a big push to really divorce these teachers to go along with the program.

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KIMBERLY FLETCHER: [01:05:59] That’s true. And we do hear from a lot of teachers who are talking about they don’t like what they’re being required to teach. They don’t like the there’s literally teachers who are calling us and saying this is pornographic material that they want me to teach the first and second graders. We will not do this, but there they do it quietly. Don’t teach it in the classroom. But it’s like a teaching to the test thing for pornographic curriculum, and then they’re upset about it.

TODD: [01:06:21] There are so many stories out there, I guess, that you’ve heard. Are there any of that you would say? Are some of the most egregious? Maybe just choose one the most egregious example of what’s happening inside the classroom?

KIMBERLY FLETCHER: [01:06:32] Well, we just had a mom who contacted us a couple of weeks ago and said that her daughter came home. She’s six years old, literally sobbing and in tears because she thought she was spontaneously going to turn into a boy because they had a reveal party and her first grade classroom.

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TODD: [01:06:47] in a first grade classroom. And again, this is the, you know, we’ve been talking about this for a long time as well, and people don’t realize the indoctrination is not at the college level anymore. It’s at the preschool level,

KIMBERLY FLETCHER: [01:06:59] it’s on Sesame Street. So we have it everywhere. It’s in our media. It’s in every aspect of our culture. Our children are being indoctrinated on these sexual concepts, the anti-American concepts. They’re literally being taught to hate their country, hate their neighbors, hate themselves and disregard their parents.

TODD: [01:07:15] And again, you’ve been doing this for well over a decade now. This is your to borrow phrase from Chuck Colson for such a time as this moment.

KIMBERLY FLETCHER: [01:07:25] Yeah, it absolutely is. We have it’s time for all the actors to rise up like Deborah

TODD: [01:07:30] or Esther as well. Yes.

KIMBERLY FLETCHER: [01:07:32] Yeah. Well, and they and they’ve been out there, you know, the actors have been out there, you know, teaching our kids and praying with their children and all that. But they don’t understand that what’s going on outside of their doors is completely conflicting with what they’re teaching their children. So it’s now time to rise up like Deborah and stand in between those trying to take our children and our children ourselves.

TODD: [01:07:49] I love it. And one final point? The the Biden administration. The National School Board Association. I mean, you guys are really making an impact because now they’re wanting to classify moms and dads who have issues as domestic terrorists. Do they want you guys investigated by the FBI? Has that been a factor? I’m just curious that people said, Oh, you know, we better back off here or is that really mobilized your folks?

KIMBERLY FLETCHER: [01:08:14] Even more so for about five minutes, they were concerned. And then it emboldened them. So what we did is we went in front of the National School Board Association headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. We brought moms from across the country and we held a national press conference and told the A.P. and the DOJ that you don’t roll over us or our children. And it was had a very powerful impact and it empowered moms even more across the country. And so what we are doing now is we’re encouraging moms to file a public records request with their school district to find out how much money they are paying to lobbying associations. Because it’s our money that’s paying for the SBA and the state associations and the school board associations who are lobbying against us, our teachers and our children. So when we take their money away, then we take away their steam.

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