Florida Atheist Demands Public Schools Ban Holy Bible

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A Florida atheist is demanding that public schools ban the Holy Bible. 

Should the Bible be banned from public schools?

Chaz Stevens fired off a letter to superintendents in dozens of school districts. He says the Bible has no place in classrooms or libraries. 

“I’m not a fan of the Bible. It’s a big book that’s been used to kill, rape, murder, and suppress individuals throughout history,” he told the Washington Examiner.

Mr. Stevens tells the Miami New Times that he was inspired to call for the ban after the state banned more than 200 books because of inappropriate content. 

Most recently 54 math books were rejected because they instructed children on critical race theory — instead of how to do long form division. 

“With the constant babbling concerns about teaching Critical Race Theory, should we not take stock of the Bible’s position on slavery? I am concerned our young white students will read such passages and wake up to civilization’s sordid past,” Stevens wrote.

Mr. Stevens, a godless heathen, says the Bible is filled with topics that are inappropriate for children – ranging from assault to a passage in Ephesians about slavery. 

“I’m just looking for just, you know, a fair shake like everybody else gets. You want to ban math books? You want to ban Everyone Poops? Well, that’s fine. But here’s the Bible,” he told the Washington Examiner. “Whatever metric you use to ban math books of all goddamned things, we will apply it to the Bible. You don’t have to turn very far in the Bible to find stuff that’s highly inappropriate for children.”

So far no districts have banned the Good Book — but at least one – Duval County – has asked for state guidance on how to handle the issue. 

It’s not the first time the atheist has raised a stink — in 2015 a number of cities dropped their moment of prayer at meetings — when he threatened to pray in the name of Satan. 

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