Florida Grade Schoolers Taken on Field Trip to Gay Bar


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There’s nothing more exciting for grade schoolers than a field trip. Normally, schools take children to a museum or a zoo.

But teachers at Wilton Manor Elementary School in Fort Lauderdale took their students to a gay bar and grill.

Photographs show the boys and girls inside Rosie’s Bar and Grill – decked out in rainbow colors. The bar advertises itself as a place for LGBT diners and their allies. 

Among the items on the menu – naked sweaty lovin’ hot wings and the Ivana Hooker hamburger.

Broward County School Board member Sarah Leonardi was invited to chaperone and she posted photos on Twitter. See below.


Who in their right mind thought it was a good idea to let third graders belly up to the bar?

Now, let’s be clear about the real problem here. It’s not that it’s a gay bar. The problem is that it’s a bar. 

And underage children have no business being anywhere near a gay bar, a biker bar, or any other kind of a place where adults hang out. 

This was not as much a field trip as it was an on-the-scene indoctrination session sponsored by sex and gender revolutionaries. And heaven help any parent who gets upset.

Anybody who complains to school board members could very well get a knock on the front door from the FBI.

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