Former Kansas Lawmaker Wants Bible Removed From Classroom

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There’s a raging debate in Derby, Kansas over the Holy Bible. 

Is the Bible too controversial for kids?

Cheryl Bannon wants God’s word to be removed from the school library. She’s a former city council member. 

Ms. Bannon says the Bible is filled with themes that are too graphic for students. 

Here’s how The Patch described her concerns:

Cheryl Bannon, a former member of the Derby City Council, asked the district’s library committee to review the Bible after the group decided to remove an award-winning young-adult novel from its list of approved classroom materials.

Bannon said she filed her challenge to illustrate the consequences of censorship. The Bible is used as a textbook in Derby High School’s “Bible as Literature” course, a one-semester elective.

Pointing to verses about murder, masturbation, genocide, incest and other mature topics, Bannon argued that the religious text is just as provocative as some contemporary works.

Derby’s library committee removed Sherman Alexie’s “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” from classrooms and middle-school libraries in February, citing profanity, sexual themes and slurs related to mental disabilities.

The Patch

The Bible is used as a textbook in a class that focuses on Biblical literature. 

But Ms. Bannon says if the school is going to ban books that LGBT themes — they should also ban the Bible. 

Ultimately, the school district decided not to ban the Good Book. Praise the Lord!

In 2019 I wrote a book called Culture Jihad. I warned Americans that there would come a day when the Cancel Culture mob would target the Holy Bible. 

Many in the conservative movement laughed at me. They said I was way off the mark. 

Well, nobody’s laughing now. 

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