Georgia Tech Teacher Threatened Entire Class if Just One Student Showed Up Without Mask

A Georgia Tech teacher’s plan to punish an entire class of students if just one person showed up without a face mask has been thwarted.

“If 100 percent of the class wears a mask, the lecture/studio will receive a mark of 1 for mask wearing,” Director of Graduate Advising and Assessment Chris Jankowski wrote to students. “If at least one student does not wear a mask, the lecture /studio will receive a mark of 0 for mask wearing.”

The mask mandate was for a class titled, “Math 1553” and a copy of the email that was sent to students was provided to The Todd Starnes Radio Show by a concerned parent.

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“To be clear, if just one student does not wear a mask, even for part of the lecture/studio, then the full lecture/studio will receive a 0,” the professor reiterated.

Complaints were reportedly made directly to the president of Georgia Tech — and the planned punishment was called off.

“Upon further review we have learned that the mask incentive is not allowed by GT guidelines,” Jankowski wrote in a note to students. “We sincerely apologize for any confusion caused.”

Oh, there was no confusion.

Mr. Jankowski was caught turning a taxpayer-funded classroom into a propaganda platform — pressuring students to comply or face public shame and ridicule from their peers.

A Georgia Tech spokesperson has not responded to our inquiries for comment or explanation.