‘GET THE F- OUT OF HERE’ Watch School Board Member Curses Out Unmasked Parent

An enraged pro-mask school board member cursed out a barefaced private citizen who attempted to address school leaders at a public meeting in a Chicago suburb.

Joel Taub, a member of the Glenbrook high School District 225 Board of Education, unleashed a torrent of filthy language on the citizen.

Time to Fire the School Board?

“You can wear the mask on your f****** balls! If you don’t wear the f****** mask, you get the f*** out of here,” the school board member screamed.

Following is the transcript:


Moderator: I’m sorry, it’s a rule you have to follow. I’m sorry, sir. That’s the rule. You need to keep your mask on.

Mark: I have an exemption. I mean, I don’t want to go into the whole thing about, explain to you. I don’t even know you guys, and I don’t want to explain my medical situation. I thought I’d be allowed to speak. Can I restart my clock? I’m at 38 seconds now.

Moderator: You can stop your clock for a second.

Mark: I’m at 41 seconds and I’m two lines into my speech.

Moderator: We’ll start your clock again. Don’t worry.  Don’t worry about your clock for the moment.

Mark: Well, I’m nervous because you’re telling me I can’t speak. I’m ready to speak.

Moderator: We need you to put on your mask sir … follow the rule.

Mark: I can’t speak with my mask on; I can’t articulate. I have a medical — you’re not gonna honor a medical and religious exemption?

Moderator: If you have a medical exemption, okay. That’s fine sir.

Mark: I mean, I’m embarrassed. It’s humiliating. So, okay. Can I reset my clock?

Moderator: Just start again. Go ahead, sir.

Mark: I’m resetting to two minutes.

Taub: Are you gonna let him speak without a mask?

Moderator: Well, he’s got a medical exemption.

Mark: Now he’s interrupting me. I mean, you guys are rude. Do I get to speak or not? Do I get to speak? (gesturing to Taub) Who’s this? Are you the mask police? Can I speak or not?

Moderator: We’ll let you speak. Just one moment please. Mr. Taub, do you have a question?

Mark: Is he in charge?

Taub: Are you in charge?

Mark: I’m speaking. It’s public comment. (to moderator) you said at the beginning of the meeting you would not be rude to people.

Taub: Are you in charge?

Moderator: Mr. Taub, Mr. Taub.

Mark: We should remove him. This is rude.

Moderator: We’ll start your two minutes now, sir.

Taub to moderator: This is not what you promised. You said if they don’t wear a mask they can’t speak.

Mark: I have a mask. I can wear the mask on my head if you want.

Taub: You can wear your mask on your f***ing balls. If you don’t wear the f****** mask, you get the f*** out of here!

Moderator: Enough. Enough. We’re going to take recess for five minutes.