‘God Is Moving Here’: Spontaneous College Revival Lasts Over 100 Hours

The Holy Spirit is moving on the campus of Asbury University, a small Christian school in Kentucky.

A normal chapel service at the school turned into a revival that is making national headlines and inspiring Christians all over the nation.

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Since the service on Feb. 8, students, faculty, staff and local community members have filled the school’s auditorium to worship, pray, and read Scripture.

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Tom McCall, a professor at the Asbury Theological Seminary, wrote a story for Christianity Today recounting what he witnessed in the Hughes Auditorium.

McCall noted that after the choir sang its final chorus, the students did not leave the auditorium and rush to class or the dining hall like they typically would. Instead, they stayed and continued in worship.

“After the benediction, the gospel choir began to sing a final chorus—and then something began to happen that defies easy description,” McCall wrote. “Students did not leave. They were struck by what seemed to be a quiet but powerful sense of transcendence, and they did not want to go. They stayed and continued to worship. They are still there.”

He added that students have continued to meet in the auditorium every day since, with some even staying to pray every night.

Geneva Wise, a freshman, said God is making His presence known among the Asbury community.

“This unplanned revival at Asbury has looked different for every student and community member who joins us. Some may find God speaking to them most in the midst of the crowd, and others may find peace in quiet moments alone with Him. Regardless, God is moving here, and His presence is being made known.”


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