GOP Lawmaker Prays For ‘UPRISING’ at U of Kansas Against Anti-American Student Government Assn.

The following is a rush transcript of Todd’s interview with Kansas State Rep. Susan Humphries on the Todd Starnes Radio Show. Humphries is among thousands of Kansans who are appalled that the student government president at the University of Kansas shared a “Death to America” tweet. Click here to listen to the full interview.

TODD: [01:22:39] So I want to get your reaction to what’s going on here at the University of Kansas. I mean, this is some pretty atrocious language and they’re defending it. They’re saying that they have they have they do not have a problem tweeting death to America.

HUMPHRIES: [01:22:55] Yes. So that was the official present president account. And isn’t that just the most offensive, horribly offensive thing? Now, it’s not the university, but it is the student government that’s doing it. And you’re right, they’ve doubled down on that message.

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TODD: [01:23:14] As a matter of fact, the University of Kansas provided a response to a columnist in the Kansas City newspaper. I want to read this to you. This is from the provost offers. The opinions in these tweets are protected by the First Amendment. Thus, there is nothing in the post that would allow for action by the university. Susan, I would I would contend there’s a lot they could do because as you just said, these are official Twitter accounts of the Student Government Association.

HUMPHRIES: [01:23:43] Well, and I’ve I’ve actually dug into that just a little bit. And the fact is that because because the president of the student body was elected by the student body, it’s really the students that need to take action here, the student center at the, you know, any groups and they can take action. But the university, because it was a student election, their hands are somewhat tied. I mean, I know that doesn’t make sense, but, you know, they can talk. They can do what they need to do. But but the fact of the matter is, it’s a it’s an entity that the students control. And there are a lot of students that are also upset that such a small percentage that would tweet those horrible things. And so I’m hoping that we see a response from the students. And the other thing is, if you don’t mind if I just say it’s been shocking, the lack of coverage in the local media here. We’ve not heard much about it except from you, which I so appreciate.

TODD: [01:24:50] Well, we’re glad to shine the light on this because this is just absolutely horrible. Coming just a few days after the American service members were killed in Afghanistan and just a few days before we are all we are all remembering what happened on on September 11th, 2001. And I’m curious, you said that students are upset. What are you hearing from your fellow lawmakers?

HUMPHRIES: [01:25:15] The same. I mean, we’ve actually some of the ones that I’ve spoken to, they weren’t aware of it. We’ve tried to share it with each other. We tried to let people know about it. So but but it was not covered. I mean, it wasn’t in the local newspaper. And so it’s been slow getting the story around.

TODD: [01:25:34] Is there is there some is there some recourse for state lawmakers to take? I mean, in many states, the you guys hold the purse strings. Is there something you can do to threaten the university here?

HUMPHRIES: [01:25:48] Well, we certainly we do hold the purse strings and it’s the board of Regents, which is controls, you know, the universities and our funds actually go to the Board of Regents and they’re dispersed from there. And so I think speaking to the Board of Regents, it would be a really good idea letting them know that displeasure. And, you know, alums are upset. Anyone that hears about it is just shocked at how offensive that statement was. And, you know, the chancellor of the university is a veteran. And so it’s and the university has a strong ROTC program. So it’s it’s very disheartening what’s going on.

TODD: [01:26:27] And what’s really sad here is, is the sheer ignorance of the student body president. I do not know the young lady. I don’t know her background, her upbringing. But the idea that she’s wishing for the death of America. Well, what does she understand what that means? That she lives in a country where she is afforded great opportunities and privilege. She was elected student government president of a great university. That would not happen in any other society. I mean I mean, just take a look at what’s happening in Afghanistan right now.

HUMPHRIES: [01:27:01] Exactly. And her First Amendment free speech rights come from one of our great country. And she’s not realizing that apparently or not putting two and two together and the fact that they kind of double down on it. And we don’t know exactly what her position is because. You know, it was a retreat and yes, as the university said, she does have First Amendment rights, but that’s personally but I think one of the things that was so offensive was that this was the official account, the Twitter account of the CU president, government president. So, yeah, it’s really it’s sad what’s going on

TODD: [01:27:46] on the PATRIOT MOBILE NEWSMAKER LINE is State Representative Susan Humphreys from Kansas. The story out of the University of Kansas, the Student Government Association president, along with the entire student Senate sharing tweet saying death to America, and then in subsequent tweets defending what they did. Susan, again, Kansas is the heartland. You have such a rich and storied history. Some great men and great women have become American leaders in that state. What kind of a message does this send about education there in Kansas?

HUMPHRIES: [01:28:26] Well, sadly, I think it sends the wrong message, because we do know that this election when she was elected the student body president, it was a historically small percentage of students that voted because of the covid and what was going on, everything else on campus. It was a pretty tight race. And so what I want to say is I don’t think she is representative of the students at CU and certainly not of the citizens of Kansas. And it’s really unfortunate that this happened. But I don’t think this is the end of the story. I pray that we see a bit of an uprising and we see students rising up to say this is unacceptable for our university. So I hope it’s a learning experience and I hope people take action about it.

TODD: [01:29:11] I like that. And, well, you let us know what we can do here on this radio show. We’ve got a lot of listeners across the state, especially in Wichita, and we want to be of help to you guys.

HUMPHRIES: [01:29:23] Thank you, I think I think getting in touch with your state representatives is a good idea in the board of Regents and really encouraging any students that, you know, that go to, say, you to have them speak out about it. Well, sir, we appreciate it in Wichita. We do try.

TODD: [01:29:39] Well, thank you so much, Susan. And we’re going to leave it there. Susan Humphris, ladies and gentlemen, a great American patriot. She is a state representative and chair of the higher education budget there for the state. So. All right, folks, we will keep that story front and center. And you can actually read about this on our Web site, Todd Starnes dot com. What a mess. And she’s right. Aside from the Kansas City newspaper, nobody’s talking about this story. But the key to resolving all of this is Representative Humphries. She’s the one that holds the purse strings and what they ought to do. The state lawmakers ought to haul the university president, the chancellor, whoever’s in charge, bring them to Topeka and have a come to Jesus meeting and say, you know what, if you’re going to tolerate this nonsense, you’re going to do it without the taxpayers money. You’re going to do it without the donor money. And all you donors out there to the University of Kansas. You need to call up and withhold your money and tell them why. That’s how you get things done.

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