Grade Schoolers Forced to Watch Teacher’s Transgender Coming-Out Video

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Over the past decade here at Fox News I have been documenting how radical sex and gender revolutionaries have taken over our public school system.

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Militant activists have been given access to your child’s classroom — and you should be very alarmed at what they are teaching America’s next generation.

And that brings us to Madison, Wisconsin – Frank Allis Elementary School. A science teacher recently announced that he was transition from male to female.

Liberty Counsel – a religious liberty law firm – identified the teacher as Mark Busenbark. He now goes by the name Vica Steel.

The school made every student watch a video of Mr. Busenbark celebrating and explaining his transgender coming out. Now I want you to understand something — Mr. Busenbark broadcast that creepy video with the blessing of the school’s principal.

The video suggests people who oppose transgender people are motivated by “hate” and “fear.”

Students were also instructed to call their teacher “Mix” Steel or “Mx” Steel instead of Mr. Steel.

Parents were not notified or given the option to exempt their children from the video presentation.

Can you imagine their outrage — moms and dads had no idea that their five year old’s were going to be forced to watch a transgender propaganda film?

“I’ve had to sit down with my kids and explain that what they heard is flat-out wrong and incorrect,” the parent wrote on social media. “We will be kind to others, but we WILL NOT be involved in adult games of make-believe. Shame on those that support this!”

Liberty Counsel is demanding all public records be made available in the incident so they can find out why parents were not alerted.

“It is outrageous that school administrators would allow a male science teacher to expose children to propaganda that promotes confusion about basic biology, and to instruct students to address him by a false name, title and pronouns,” Liberty Counsel founder Mat Staver said.

There is a war raging right now in classrooms all across this nation for the hearts and minds of our children — and right now — the sex and gender revolutionaries are winning that war without even firing a shot.

Wake up, America.

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