High School Refuses to Let Kids Celebrate ‘USA Day’

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A Massachusetts high school told students they would not be allowed to celebrate “USA Day” because it might offend people. So the young people at Wellesley High School did what any red-blooded patriotic Americans would do — they celebrated “USA Day.”

Student Olivia Spagnuolo told Fox 25 in Boston that the administrators and teachers quickly shut down the “USA Day” theme.

“The administration was not going to let this happen,” said Spagnuolo. “It wasn’t a topic for discussion. They said it was not allowed because it separated people at the school.”

Principal Jamie Chisum admitted that he forbade the students from celebrating America.

“The high school administration decided not to go forward with that spirit theme because it felt really different than the other themes kids came up with for the week. We felt that the topic has been politicized beyond our school and we wanted to avoid politics,” he wrote in a letter to parents.

“Spirit Week is intended to be a light and fun way for our students to get excited about our pep rally and Thanksgiving Day football game,” he said. “We acknowledge that the impact for some people has been just the opposite of our intention and that we have inadvertently politicized this activity. I am definitely sorry for any negative effect this has had on kids and families.”

But it’s not a matter of being sorry. It’s about understanding how inappropriate it is to stop American school kids from celebrating their nation.

“I’ve said it a million times but will say it again, the school system needs to be completely dismantled and rebuilt! Absolutely disgusting,” one outraged resident said on social media.

“It’s the United States of America and the students live here! If someone is offended they should leave because if you do not respect the country you live in, you don’t deserve it,” another resident said. “It’s time to fire all administrators who allowed this.”

As I wrote in my book, “Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation,” our public schools have been turned into anti-American propaganda camps. Click here to read my book.

Thank goodness that the teenagers at Wellesley High School had the courage and boldness to rise up against their teachers and celebrate anyway. That’s the sort of American Spirit we need more of in this country.

Should students be allowed to celebrate America on a public school campus?

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