‘I Don’t Want to See Some Kid Going to the Bathroom in a Litter Box’

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Oklahoma State Rep. Justin Humphrey wants to round up underage furries.

“I don’t want to see some kid go into the bathroom in a litter box, in the kitty litter,” the Republican lawmaker said on a video which you can watch above. “Those people up here have lost their mind letting these people pretend to be animals in the classroom.”

Humphrey introduced a bill on that would ban furries from public schools across the state — and allow animal control to round up those who defy the proposed law.

“Students who purport to be an imaginary animal or animal species, or who engage in anthropomorphic behavior commonly referred to as furries at school shall not be allowed to participate in school curriculum or activities,” House Bill 3084 states.

The legislation would require parents or guardians to pick up their child from school. Otherwise, “animal control services shall be contacted to remove the student,” the bill states.

“If they’re gonna be animals. Let’s send them to the pound, let’s send them home. How do you teach a cat math,” he said.

If passed, the law would take effect in November.

“People are going to call me insane for running this bill. Hell, I’d say they’re insane,” he said. “If you got an animal coming to school: how about we get them vaccinated? How about we get them neutered and how about we send them to the pound?”

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Should furries be banned from public schools?

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