Idaho Middle Schoolers Get Graphic Sex Lesson from Planned Parenthood

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A bizarre story from Moscow, Idaho. 

Eighth graders at the local middle school getting a lesson that surely caused their eyes to bug out. 

A series of lessons about how to have intercourse – graphic lessons. Stuff we are not allowed to even talk about on the radio. 

The Idaho Freedom Foundation first exposed the pornographic lessons.

“Keep the condom on until you ejaculate,” says a female narrator. The video switches to a bird exiting a cuckoo clock on the bedroom wall. Trojan’s video then shows a hand pushing a used condom up off a shaft. “Immediately after ejaculation, hold the condom in place and withdraw the penis while it is still erect,” the narrator says. “Dispose of the used condom by wrapping it in tissue,” the narrator adds alongside a depiction of just that. 

Titled “Condom Sense,” the video was created by Trojan Condoms and shows multiple scenes in which either a bed or car is rocking back and forth in an obvious attempt to depict sexual activity. 

Another scene shows the man and woman, whose breast size seems purposefully enhanced, at a table where the waiter offers a platter of various types of condoms. “Some have unique shapes, ribbing, nubs – all designed to enhance the experience,” the narrator says. NCHD has said that video was shown virtually and in-person at Moscow Middle School from 2019-2020. It was similarly shown in-person at Tammany Alternative School from 2018-2020. Another Trojan video was shown at Moscow Middle School from 2019-2022 and Tammany from 2018-2020. This one outlines, along with footage, how the company manufactures its condoms.

A separate video discusses the history of condoms and includes clips of topless women. That content was revealed as part of a 2018 email in which NCHD Health Education Specialist Jennifer Andrews laid out multiple videos she intended to show students during a presentation for Reducing the Risk (RTR). NCHD says that particular video — dubbed “The History of Condoms” — was utilized at Tammany Alternative School but hasn’t been shown since 2018.

Idaho Freedom Foundation

The videos were part of a sex education program endorsed by Planned Parenthood and implemented in public schools by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. 

What’s even more disturbing is that parents and taxpayers had to file a records request to get the information. As if the district was making moms and dads go through hoops to find out what their kids had been exposed to.

Call your local public schools. Ask if they are using any Planned Parenthood propaganda in their classrooms. And if they are — you need to mobilize your friends and attend the next school board meeting. 

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