Iowa School District Plans Black Lives Matter “Week of Action” For Preschoolers thru Grade 12

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 Children in Iowa’s Ames Community School District, from preschool through high school, are going to be part of a Black Lives Matter “week of action” beginning February 1st.

According to the public school district’s website, students from preschool through high school “will engage in … a 5-day guide to expand student understanding of the Black Lives Matter at School Principles,” including “queer affirming,” “transgender affirming,” “globalism,” and “disruption of Western nuclear family dynamics.”


The Young America’s Foundation (YAF) heard about the story through it’s Campus Bias Tip Line.

“This isn’t happening in San Francisco or New York City. This is Ames, Iowa where this is going on, telling us they were doing this full week of Black Lives Matter programming all the way up through preschool up through high school, and it just shows how the left is always trying to stay a step ahead in making sure that they get students younger and younger, at the point where four years old and preschool these students don’t understand most of what is being told to them, so for them it seems fun, but obviously the damaging impact is still the same,” YAF spokesman Spencer Brown told the “Todd Starnes Show.”

Students will get a lesson on “diversity and globalism,” in which students will read “Afro-Latinx” books and then judge their classroom library to see how they are “impacted or privileged within the Black global family.”

“If they’re going to teach one side of this nonsense, they should at least balance that and give what the mainstream American view of what this country is and just even the idea that every person has innate value,” Brown said. “That’s something that’s completely lost in this and it … completely undercuts this idea that every person is created in God’s image and has the same inherent value. That is being undone by these leftists trying to push these theories in classrooms all the way down to preschool.”

One day students will focus on “transgender, queer affirming, and collective value,” with suggested readings from “Red: A Crayon’s Story” and “Julian is a Mermaid,” two children’s books focused on transgender identity.

For each day of the “week of action,” the lesson plan prescribes different topics, readings, and activities:

  • Monday, students will learn about “restorative justice, empathy, and loving engagement.”
  • Tuesday’s lesson will be on “diversity & globalism,” with students urged to read “Afro-Latinx” books and then audit their classroom library to judge diversity and learn how they are “impacted or privileged within the Black global family.”
  • Wednesday, the lesson will focus on “transgender, queer affirming, & collective value,” with suggested readings from Red: A Crayon’s Story and Julian is a Mermaid.
  • Thursday’s topics are “Intergenerational” spaces “free from ageism,” “black families” “free from patriarchal practices,” plus “black villages” and “the disruption of the Western nuclear family.”

To cap it all off, Friday’s lesson is on “centering black women and femmes,” complete with an “I Love Myself Affirmation chant.”

Although Black Lives Matter as an organization removed the “disrupting the Western nuclear family structure” from its website after backlash, Brown said the school district is focusing on it “because it gives them this gold star of being a woke progressive even though it is completely harmful to students, especially the young ones.”

While the Left continues to target children younger and younger, Brown believes this is an issue where conservatives can win.

“The Left doesn’t realize this and they don’t want to admit it, a lot of people oppose this craziness and this is a place where conservatives can rally for commonsense and biological genetics and say this is wrong and we’re going to stand for what we know is right,” Brown concluded.

Meanwhile, students in Ames will end the week with lessons on “centering black women and femmes,” with an “I Love Myself Affirmation chant.”

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