Jewish Students Targeted, Ordered to Stand in Corner by Stanford Lecturer

Jewish students at Stanford University were singled out in a classroom where they were told to stand in a corner in the back of the room.

Rabbi Dov Greenberg, director of the Chabad Stanford Jewish Center, told the Forward that Jewish students were told to raise their hands. They were then separated them from their belongings and ordered them to stand in a corner. The teacher argued that this is what Jews were doing to Palestinians.

“He said, ‘Hamas is a legitimate representation of the Palestinian people. They are not a terrorist group. They are freedom fighters. Their actions are legitimate,'” Greenberg told the publication. “He’s saying Israel is worse than the Nazis and Hamas is innocent. This is what Jewish students face at Stanford and other places. They’re feeling isolated, under attack and threatened.”

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Stanford did not release the name of the instructor, but it did issue a statement that reads, in part, “Academic freedom does not permit the identity-based targeting of students. The instructor in this course is not currently teaching while the university works to ascertain the facts of the situation.”

Nourya Cohen, co-president of the Stanford Israel Association, told CNN the instructor also marginalized the Holocaust and downplayed the number of Jews who had been slaughtered.

The students said the instructor tried to justify the actions of Hamas and asked the students how many Jews were killed in the Holocaust.

After one student answered “6 million,” the instructor then said more people have been killed by colonizers and said, “Israel is a colonizer.”

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“I feel absolutely dehumanized that someone in charge of students and developing minds could possibly try and justify the massacre of my people,” Cohen told the newspaper. “It’s like I’m reliving the justification of Nazis 80 years ago on today’s college campus.”

The Anti-Defamation League condemned the university lectuer.

“The reported identity-based targeting of Jewish and Israeli students in a class was unacceptable,” Marc Levine told the Forward. “At a time when Jews are fearing for their safety worldwide, it’s critical we boldly call out anti-Jewish hate. Students — including Jewish students — deserve to feel safe and respected on university campuses.

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